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San Luis Obispo North County Aquifers - Overdraft is forseeable (within 5yrs)
Monday, September 21, 2009 - 8:30 PM
Timely article in New Times
"Traditionally, local groundwater users have kept information about their pumping rates close to the chest. Under California law, landowners have a right to unlimited use of the underlying water, without any monitoring requirements or other government intervention. That makes the area vulnerable to a “Tragedy of the Commons” situation, where what belongs to all is cared for by none."
"In the rural residential areas east of Paso Robles, however, no one knows if water conservation techniques are being implemented. No lot-by-lot pumping records are collected and no water meters are in place. But the evidence indicates that wells are going dry at a record pace in the Jardine and Geneseo areas, forcing some residents to spend an estimated $20,000 each for deeper wells."


Its time.
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